Will my husband ever get over my affair. And even though I worried hubby would have a gutful and leave I knew he wouldn't cheat.

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Maintaining a happy relationship following an affair can be difficult.

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We told hardly anyone, our sex life is better than ever, and it does not feel as if we need counselling.

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I ran out of the pub and sat in the car crying.

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At least do it with someone who I think might be better than me in some way

Eventually her lover changed jobs, the affair fizzled out and her husband was none the wiser.

I too felt emasculated

This is a big betrayal from him and he needs to own up to the responsibility and the consequences of it.

A year ago I discovered after he didn't come home one night that he was having an affair.

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He says:

This could be hysterical bonding.

No one expects cardiac patients to perform surgery on themselves.