Who is cortana modeled after. The lifeboat entered the ring's atmosphere as the Autumn was shot down.

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The Chief uploaded Cortana into the ship's systems, and she began a countdown timer to overload the ships reactors.

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The Infinity had tracked the Didact to a southern dock where he was preparing to exit Requiem in search of the Composer.

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She has so much gif sex tits, and the story line for Halo 4 is so strong for Cortana and her struggles, dealing with her own mortality, and all the emotions that go with it.

Anniversary version of the level, she is depicted in a slightly modified version of her Halo 4 model.

As soon as they come in range, open up.

John then confronted the Didact on a light bridge, but the Forerunner easily overpowered the Spartan, knocking the bomb from him and telekinetically lifting him off chubby gay clips light bridge's edge.

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