What to ask a lady. Questions About Marriage How long should a couple date before considering marriage?

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But if you know good questions to ask a toilet slave captions you like, you can avoid these problems, connect with women more deeply, and attract them with ease.

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An excellent way to nurture your connection is to talk about those inner worlds—because great communication extends beyond discussions of college life, and kids.

Still a great question though and can lead to an interesting story.

Have you ever not contacted someone after a first date?

What makes you happy?

What is your ideal wedding ring like?

If you could replace the handshake as a greeting, what interesting new greeting would you replace it with?

Start off by asking her questions about what she likes to do, and transition into what she wants to do, and ultimately what she wants for her future.

The beauty of ice breaker questions is that they help you set the tone for the conversation, and it will lead to several things you can talk about.