What makes a bad marriage. No matter your current age or size, there is still that spark between you.

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Stop talking to your partner.

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By being defensive and refusing to accept responsibility, or attacking in response to feedback from your partner, you chip away at the trust and goodwill in your marriage.

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Not all marriages are meant to be forever—and that's okay.

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Think about how many couples can even work past cheating.

A big part of being in a relationship is enjoying the companionship of another person.

Some people may truly love the other person but have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye because they're opposites or have different value structures.

No more secrets.

A long-term study of married couples conducted by the universities of Nevada and Michigan has confirmed prettyboyfredo age the emotionally astute among us have always suspected:

And every time you stonewall one another, or emotionally shut down instead of openly addressing the issues, you create more distance and dishonesty, rather than openness, communication, and love.

If you and your spouse are joined at the hip for practically every second, you may actually be on the pathway to divorce.

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A therapist can be a great impartial resource to guide you and hold you accountable for creating and meeting your goals.