What happens at sex toy parties. Set Expectations Invite friends who are open minded.

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The benefit of a co-ed pleasure party is that you get male and female perspectives on sex and pleasure.

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Ensure privacy.

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According to research studies conducted by scientists such as Debby Herbenick and Michael Reece of Indiana University, sex toy representatives are often asked for advice on sexual health, [5] and many have a background working in sex educationhealth, education, or sexuality.

This took me by surprise and I let my shock and judgment show far too often in those early days.

It was entertaining, informative, and it was a good way for me to spend my free time.

Usually, the more people you invite, the more fun it will be!

To continue this privacy, all orders will be sent to individual guests, so you do not have to worry about receiving a pound box of sex toys delivered to superhero porn galleries home.