Tearoom trade study of homosexual behaviour. In the naked gannies PhD student in sociology Laud Humphreys studied men who have sex with other men in public restrooms of city parks.

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However, years after publishing his study, Humphreys spent some time in a jail for an unrelated incident.

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Humphrey was a mess and made a mess.

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While there is certainly valid criticism of this work, I feel it has more strong points than weak ones.

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While he always assumed he would refuse to hand over the records, after later spending some time in jail unrelated to the studyHumphreys questioned how long he might have withstood the pressure.

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Tearoom Trade:

His biography, written by John F.

By pretending to be a simple voyeur, Humphreys explains that he systematically observed these activities and even recorded the license plate numbers of a sample of tearoom participants.

Inhe entered graduate school at Washington University St.

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New York: