Stretching foreskin with erect penis. However I have noticed that I am not getting erections while trying to have sex.

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If pushed it reaches the head end bt beyond that the tip of the head starts to pain and starts to bend downward Plz plz do help me.

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Can anyone here please tell me is Circumcision operation is safe and what is success rate of this operation.

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The tip of the penis, called the glans, becomes painful and swollen.

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My boyfriend used to masturbate me once and he did it so hard and bad and i feel kinda pain but i didn't ask to stop doing it.

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I never feel pain while sex.

Last week I got fever.

This ointment softens the tissue of the foreskin, which helps the foreskin retract more easily.

Sometimes, you may overstretch your foreskin or damage it by stretching too forcefully.

Also, it is painful when the penis is erect.

Hi, My foreskin cannot be pulled back.

Is it ok if you can pull your foreskin back without an erect penis?