South park cat piss full episode. Despite being clean for ten years, temptation takes over, and Gerald cheeses himself "one last time".

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Kyle's mother Sheila finds the cat in Kyle's dresser drawer, but Kyle denies that it is his.

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Upon hearing this, Kyle gnarwhals asks Cartman whether he does not notice a similarity between the recent happenings and anything else in historybut Cartman sees none.

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Kenny, meanwhile, is still able to acquire cat urine and is now addicted.

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The press conference Gerald has with his wife standing next to him was made to look just like when former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer publicly apologized for being a client in a prostitution ring.

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In response, Kenny attempts to get high by choking himself, joley richardson nude Butters mentions that his cousin from Florida told him about kids in his school "getting high off of cat pee", in reference to the slang term "cat piss", used to describe the potent stench of some varieties of marijuana.

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Emmett Sibley, Production Assistant".