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Sorelle nude. Her series Bikini in the Snow sees the photographer in a variety of quirky positions in front of the majestic snowy backdrop flirty messeges the Nordic country.

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I'm prepping to execute a project that will be breaking some world records and will be sponsored by some major players, so keep an eye out for that.

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Sorelle says that once the snow returns in the winter she plans to top her already elaborate line of poses.

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Sorelle has now produced 25 photographs of her posing in various quirky positions including golfing left and vacuuming right.

Here we see Sorelle's very first photograph for her series Bikini In The Snow taken just over four months ago.

She continued:

Photographer Sorelle Amore captures a woman strip down to her bikini in the snow e-mail

The idea to produce the semi-nude photo series came to Sorelle, who formerly worked at a vintage pin-up photography company in Australia, after a heavy snowfall.