Sonic and rouge fanfiction. It appears as though she was very high-ranked she only took orders from Egg Robo himself.

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Outside of missions she most likely spent time in Egg Robo controlled cities, possibly living in luxury and riches.

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Rouge's tear stained eyes, glared at the hedgehog.

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Before Rouge left the Island, she managed to find one of the Sacred Emeralds, and kept it for madden freeones.

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She attempted to steal the Emerald, but was caught by Knuckles the Echidna and the Chaotix.

He noticed that every time she breathed, her breast rose and fell.

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He looked down to the gem in his hand but to only be shocked to see it replaced with a card.

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The irritating heroic part about him that tended to get in the way of a lot of his fun, the part of him that even would go aid a person find nude photobucket was once a foe.

She felt someone tapping her shoulder and she instinctively jumped back and looked up, " Tickets pornohur

The bat smiled slyly, Sonic's eyes widened in surprise when she then jumped backwards off of the tower and started falling down to the streets below.