Selection methods in asexually propagated crops. Seventh Year Seed multiplication i.

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Merits and Demerits Procedures Plant Breeding.

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For teaching purpose, plant breeding is presented as four categories:

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Clonal Selection Clone- Progeny of a single plant obtained by asexual reproduction.

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One shortage of mass selection are the large influence that the environment has on the development, phenotype and performance of single plants.

Potato Research

The best progenies and the progeny of parents with high general combining ability are planted in larger population sizes for clonal evaluations.

Artificial vegetative reproduction.

CABI, Cambridge, p.

Sweet potato has showed a high rate of somatic mutations in storage roots.

The quantitative trait loci conferring late blight resistance in S.

This means that in vegetatively propagated plants, many mutations can be present as non-detectable cryptic mutations.

Different approaches can be followed in the selection process of asexual plants, such as mass selection and clone selection from clone blocks.