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You can clearly see all the elements of this amazing sleeve tattoo.

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A dragon is among the tattoo designs that could signify almost everything — power, positivity, strength are just a few.

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Spear head on spine, shark teen on thhe sides, ocean waves — this tribal tattoo is definitely a complete package!

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The tufuga ta tatau works with two assistants, called au Kosowho are often apprentice tattooists and they stretch the skin, wipe the excess ink and blood and generally support the tattooist in their work.

It is also a symbol used to identify their status in the society whether or not they are leaders, warriors, or slaves.

Waves, spearheads and shark teeth — these common Polynesian tribal tattoos images are great!

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Behind the ear is a great spot for people who want to get a tattoo without all the unwanted attention.

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