Nudist beach greece. While in practice any secluded stretch of Greek sand can be used as a nude beach, some beaches are more nude-friendly than others.

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Luckily, other statistics tell us that the majority of the beach tourists stay within a range of five kilometers from their hotel.

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A nudist paradise and one of the few places on the island where naturism is totally tolerated.

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Cyprus among founders of International Sports and Tourism Organisation.

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Athos in Greece.

Most of those are older straight couples and a few gay couples.

Greek-Russian trade congress opens in northern city of Thessaloniki.

Tourists on Santorini island urged to take the steps instead of riding donkeys.

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Located in young blonde blow jobs Crete and some 25 min away from MatalaRed Beach is hidden behind a rocky hill and a fence, providing a little heaven for both nude and naked swimmers.

See the Panormos Beach Guide.

Local goats crowd themselves in the shade of caves located at the back of the beach.