Nude harvard. The clandestine museum branch is not open to the public, only to researchers, and to this date, it has not been revealed how many, or if any photographs still remain in existence.

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In flipping through those thousands of images which were recently transferred to Smithsonian archives in Suitland, Md.

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But little did she know, little did Cavett know, how potentially sinister the entire phenomenon really was.

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Pointing to Sheldon's classified writings, researchers note a possible alternative explanation for the photographs:

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If, in fact, heavy smokers looked more like Harvard nerds than Marlboro men, why not use advertising imagery to make Harvard nerds feel like virile cowboys when they smoked?

Some believe they were used to study the occurrence of bone disorders like rickets and scoliosis.

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Most likely, each of the above once posed nude.

According to her IMDb biographythis ban included Hussey, who would have only been exposed to her own image.