Nhs sexual health number. Talking about sex Before sex:

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We provide free and confidential sexual health services at our centres across east Londonproviding everything from sexual health screenings including HIV testing to contraception services.

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Our contraceptive services include pill, patch, injection, diaphragm, nuvaring, and fitting and removal of implants and IUC 'coil'.

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When you press submit, we will send you a validation code by text to confirm your mobile number.

Pregnancy You can get pregnant if you have sex without a condom or the condom splits or comes off.

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Could I have a sexually transmitted infection STI?

Maybe you're worried about something?

Find sexual health services near you.

Find your nearest sexual assault referral centre It is your decision if you want to tell the police or not.

We also recommend regular testing for people who are at higher risk.

Depending on what the problem is some women may also need to have an vaginal exam, which is similar to cervical screening facial laser tyler tx, and men may need to have some samples taken from their penis.