Muslim women what a male dominated culture. Accessed March 30,

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Salafiyyah literally means "that which pertains to ancestry".

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Secular and Religious ConvergencesOxford:

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In fact, he reportedly told his followers they would receive half their religion from her.

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Culture and society.

Moreover, she enjoyed discussing matters concerning women and religion with people who, like her, are truly devoted to Islam.

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Is religion very important, somewhat important, not too important or not at all important to them?

However, whereas Shia women tend to all over 40 hairy issues of Islamic law and practice within the intimate comfort zone of their traditional spiritual meetings called majliswhich usually take place on religious sites such as mosque courtyards, Sunni women have more recently carried their struggle for justice into the politically and ideologically contested public sphere.

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It is, however, important to keep in mind that such exclusive focus on English sources comes with certain limitations.

So instead of rejecting religion as a framework through which change can be achieved—as Western liberal feminists would do—they self-assertively appropriate religious language and practice to establish a women-friendly consciousness of gender relations in Islam.

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