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Families Dad, mum, sister, granny, daughter - making up a 'pretend' family for photo shoots is an every day requirement.

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For example, it takes longer to repair if you get injured.

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There is a large popularity for mature male models and even if you are graying a bit you can easily become a model.

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I really enjoyed the shoot.

You will rarely be given ramp work at a young age unless it is for a teenager clothing brand or designer.

In the last few years, fashion has cottoned on to the grey pound by fostering more diversity in fashion campaigns.

But that said, it does feel very rewarding to be considered a steaming xxx at this age and to get that campaign.

Good news:

This can become a tedious pinterest sexy women if you let it, but having the right attitude and a bit of patience will see you earning a nice sum of money.

From fashion and commercial work to catwalks and photoshoots, we represent some of the best classic male modelling talent in the UK.

We have a shortage of senior male models and we'd love to hear from you!