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I've wanted you but your married, it's complicated I told myself you didn't feel the same.

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They had hardly spoken a word all night, only necessities in front of Lawrence.

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First Tango in Halifax by Terfle Fandoms:

Kate and Celia shared a brief but sincere embrace before Kate recovered Caroline's hand and met her eye.

Kate moved back slightly, slipped her hands down to meet Caroline's and held them.

Her previous track record of sharing things with others with the exception of Kate had simply made her vulnerable.

James Norton Appreciation Society Artist.

Chapter 17

What was she going to do seriously she couldn't go on like this she felt like she was going mad, she didn't think she was gay.

She tried to fix on her forehead not to be sucked into those dark orbs, but it only lead to her gaze deflecting to mouth, lips, what she would do with those.