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However Yuuichi sees Mai helping an old woman crossing the road and further realizes her internal kindness.

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In spite of this, the game is happier than you might expect

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But from what I read of it, good review.

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He tries to contact Mishio if there is anything he can do, but she doesn't want to talk to him.

Yuuichi "I shouldn't make the main heroine wait" Sayuri "Am I the heroine??

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Pachelbel's Canon.

Quite often, an eroge popular enough to be re-released gets one with the adult content replaced or removed.

The pets aren't the heroines.

The planning for the visual novel was headed by Naoki Hisaya who was also one of two scenario writers with Jun Maeda.

One of the motifs in the story is memory loss; three of the main characters—Yuichi, Ayu and Makoto—suffer from amnesia.