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Jabba mindlessly attacked Leia with his affection, his only priority to taste her arousing skin, the skin of a princess.

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Leia quickly found that she could not maintain eye contact with the Hutt for long before she began american babe nude feel weakened by his vast, piercing gaze, but she also found it incredibly difficult to look away once he had locked eyes with her, losing herself in their orange gleaming.

Luke may be leaping around with his lightsaber in the foreground, but the backdrop of the Jabba arc is the Han and Leia romance.

And they thought his fascination with humanoids was highly unnatural.

Star Wars:

Which is perhaps why Disney has decided to back away.

That's as normal as the story is.

Jabba's hunger for the princess would not be denied.

Leia fought back now with increasing desperation, hitting and slapping the Hutt's oily flesh and kicking at his belly, now unable to contain her frantic moaning.