Images of moby dick and ahab. Khan is thus at first revealed in a somewhat sympathetic light, especially as Admiral Marcus shows up in the aptly if somewhat too-obviously named U.

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This is the moment in which Ahab reveals his intention to hunt and kill Moby Dick, a scene that eventually devolves into a manic initiation ceremony fueled by the blind allegiance that Ahab ignites in his men.

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To Starbuck, Moby Dick is just another whale, except that he is more dangerous.

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In similar ways, the captain of a whaling ship assumes the pilot's role as he cuts off contact with land; the ship becomes a floating microcosm at sea.

Granted, we hear him talking about how devoted he is to them, and referring to them as his family, but his character is less nuanced because we have no way to judge his level of care wifeys pictures them through an examination of their onscreen relationship.

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Ahab seems to want to be a god.


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