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Hyperhidrosis adult enuresis. Hyperhidrosis severity scale tool.

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Pediatric sleep disorders:

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Most important is the age of the child, how often the bedwetting is occurring, and whether there are signs and symptoms of vigina sex torture medical problems or psychosocial stressors.

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Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

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None of the authors has any personal or financial support or involvement with organizations that hold financial interest in the subject matter.

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In this light, our findings tend to show that there is a higher prevalence of PNE children than typically developing children across all classes of sleep disturbances.

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Those with palmar hyperhidrosis may be embarrassed to shake hands, particularly when meeting someone for the first time, because their palms are cold, wet and slippery.

Individuals with affected armpits may feel embarrassed by sweat-damp clothing, or needing to change clothes frequently.