How to use anal toy. Butt plugs are cleverly shaped for their function.

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Since a butt plug can stay in the body for long periods of time, you should always apply enough lubricant to ensure the easy and pleasurable removal of the plug.

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Slowly massage your sphincter ring until it starts to relax and begins to open up.

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Slide one in after applying lube and wear it during vaginal sex with a penis or dildo pro tip:

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Lube up your finger, or ask your partner if you can borrow theirs.

This sweet little silicone plug lives up to its name:

Butt plugs like b-Vibe's Trio or the Rimming plughave a motor at the tip.

You never want to force the anus open with quick, hard pumps that fill the toy with air too rapidly.

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Gradually insert your pinky while continuing to massage it.

In fact, after only a few months, my first butt plugs melted into a disgusting tar-like puddle after sitting unattended for a week or so during a warm season.