Hottest final fantasy girls. Both character-wise and mechanically she was sorely missed.

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She also has a bit of a Tina Fey thing going on that we totally dig.

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If this version was in XIII it couldve been much more tolerable.

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Ehh I don't know man, it's a tie between Garnet and Tifa for me.

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Maybe it was her character arc, where we see her learn that it is okay to have your own wants and not everything has to be done in the service of others.

An educator in Balamb Garden, clad in her SeeD uniform and slim-framed, silver glasses, Quistis is a young teacher that many a man would love to receive a lesson from

Here are 15 of the most memorable innocent and attractive female characters in Final Fantasy.

And her slowly building relationship with Locke is one of the best written romances of the harvey porn, making you feel for the characters while at the same time not forcing either to be defined by it.

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