Hot girls and jeeps. We mentioned that Jeeps were invented in WW2, and that means some good old fashioned black and white photos of them exist.

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There are no limitations, they are like the mountain goat of the vehicle kingdom.

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She looks like Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2, only with less terminator intentions in mind and more a case of a simple big boob contests of surfing at the beach while her Jeep basks in the glorious California sun… This photo was taken in California, right?

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It seems that a few things were quite common even back then — A:

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The Jeep shows signs of seaside corrosion all over the hood, windshield, and tire covers.

This is in addition to the obvious outdoors fun she and her Jeep have had.

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The name pretty much sums it up.

Bunnies also boob festival to like the large vehicles due to them being a common sight in the forest.

So here we have a whole list of 25 especially attractive girls and their Jeeps going about doing what girls and Jeeps do best!

The Jeep is used for the latter by allowing them to reach supermarkets.