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I was stoked, periodically complete strangers would walk up pornstars with huge tits me and say I deserved it and how creative my costume was, which then I had to explain a few more times how I came up with the idea and the process!

If you want to look like this curious shower sponge or are simply curious about how to make it for Carnival or Halloween, OneHowto eva mendes pussy photos like to show you how to make a loofah costume step-by-step.

Short shorts and a tube top can also be worn instead of a solid dress or bodysuit.

Tie the elastic together to form bands and trim off most of the excess on the ends.

Carleyy antonia27 Reply 6 years ago on Introduction.

But oh my glob, how fun would an LSP costume be?!

This part of the costume is only optional, but it will contribute to the shower-like or bath-like appearance.

To give yourself a "wet" appearance, spray a coat of glitter spray over your arms and legs.