Hardest thumbs 2. The challenge of fighting Daud head-on is his ability to block most of the attacks and powers in your possession.

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As one of the first big bosses in any first-person shooter, you can see his echoes everywhere, from General Raam be10 hentai Gears of War to the half-hearted arena bosses in Halo 2.

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To beat him, wait for him to approach and then high-kick in.

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Borderlands has a thing for murderous shellfish, if Coomeey is any indication.

Flamelurker, however, demanded you understand combat on another level altogether, never losing track of where in space you were and hastily micromanaging your health and stamina.

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In addition to making us way cooler than jellyfish, thumbs are also key to how we interact with our mobile touchscreen devices.

Revengeance is a game full of giant tanks, mechs, and chainsaw-tailed robo-wolves.

After intense backlash from its player base, SOE apologized and respawned the dragon.

Some actresses rebelled by hitting a studio with legal repercussions.

The Yellow Devil was unlike anything up to that point in Mega Manand it would influence action games that followed as they created their own huge, epic boss fights that required tons of skill and mastery.

A European guild called Nihilum took him down that same day, and other guilds shortly followed suit.