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The rock star's legal team has taken an interesting first step in shutting down the website featuring the video, showing Gene Simmons having boring sex with some woman with his pants on as Foreigner blares in the xxx fat fuck.

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A minute and ten seconds of tender union have passed.

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Would Gene rather look at Elsa, or at himself?

I'm gonna take a little time, a little time to look around me I've got nowhere left to hide, it looks like love has finally found me.

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Gene comes in for a kiss twice more, and twice more Elsa refuses.

He is looking off, into the distance.

Is he imaging their future together, a home, a family?

So he lifts her by the legs, onto her back.

With Simmons's identity established, we've shortened the excerpts to the bare minimum:

Gene, or his handler, wants to take this slowly, for Elsa to enjoy herself.