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An emphasis on shading gives this black and grey piece a rich complexity.

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Wings create an effortless back piece for anyone envious of avian flight.

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I find this tattoo unnecessarily intricate, the tight grouping of the white accents make the piece look cluttered.

In Greek mythology, Hermes is often depicted wearing sandals with small wings.

Sexy V-Shaped Wings These wings have a distinct shape, being thicker towards the top and thinning beautifully; gracefully towards the bottom.

This angel has descended from the promised land to pose provocatively in the most disgusting of mortal locales.

Fallen Angel Placing a twist on angel wings can be fun, backpage birmingham uk here we have a good example of how you can add detail to how the wings extend from the skin.

Flying angel tattoo on lower chest.

They serve as transportation, from the world of bound matter to the unlimited, eternal heavens.

Most men will find a tattoo of this nature very attractive, excluding ornithophobics of course.