Foto vagina sarah. Laura herself features as one of the in the book and her perception of her own body was hugely changed by the experience:

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It looked disgusting - shrivelled up".

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But after reading a series of news articles on FGM bangaladesh girls hairy pussy photos the UKgirls as young as nine wanting a labiaplasty, and knowing that the rate of women going for smear tests is at a year-lowLaura says that a voice "rose up inside me and I knew I had to do it".

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From advice about popping jade eggs down there to steaming our lady parts, we're inundated with information about what to do with our vaginas.

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The experience of having their vulva photographed was cathartic to all involved.

Story from Body.

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Proceeds from the book are being donated to gynaecological cancer charity Eve Appeal.

She needed to be a warrior for women.