Fairly odd parents boil boy. In a later episode, his family name is revealed to be Fairywinkle-Cosma.

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Where did this Native American info come from because there brazzers mom xxx never been any mention to it in the show and he sure as hell does not look Native American.

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Can notability of these characters as a group be established so that that would necessitate this article list?

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He has an obsession with perfect teeth, wears dentures that keep his mouth in a perpetual adult movie japan, and is intolerant toward anyone who does not have quality teeth.

But, this is what happens when you have younger siblings.

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I am trying to fix the vandalism.

They are fairly important villains early in the series, but have made few appearances after Poof is introduced.

Mom is a real estate agent and home dealer; and Dad college girls go topless as an employee of a pencil factory called Pencil Nexus and troop leader for Timmy's Squirrelly Scouts Troop, though both have had several other jobs, usually only for the duration of a single episode.

He became a recurrent villain in season six, appearing in "Mission: