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Facial eye twitching. Infrared Saunas:

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The Case A year-old male presents with several weeks of what he described as spasms of his left eyelid which progressed to episodes of twitching of his left eye and left cheek.

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Magnesium plays a role in regulating proper muscle function.

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Spasms were noted of his left eyelid with several brief episodes of left hemifacial spasm.

Some decongestants, diet aids and prescription medications such as those for ADHD are stimulants.

Trigeminal neuralgia TN is a chronic condition that causes intense pain in all or part of the face.

Your best bet at resolving a facial twitch is a good dose of … patience.

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This is an unusual presentation for multiple sclerosis.

Indexed in Web of Science.

Goldman L, et al.

Brain and nervous system disorders that can cause eye twitching include:.