Facial composite restoration. D, Caries removal with spoon excavator.

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However, this is not a rule as there might be variations in chrome due to thickness and individual characteristics of the enamel.

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Examination of the enamel surfaces before and after removal indicates that although the surface appears smooth, the growth lines are no longer visible on the enamel surface.

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A flexible, abrasive, impregnated disc is used to polish and smooth the occlusal contours.

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More technique sensitive.

Not all the composite was removed, there is still some extending a mm below the box but removal was obviously faster with the laser and the repetition rate and scanning speed for the laser can easily be increased amy adamsnude more than a factor of ten.

Care must be taken, however, to avoid pooling of adhesive adjacent to the matrix.

Ideal initial axial wall preparation depth.

C, Mesial view showing gingival and incisal retention, which is only used when deemed necessary to increase retention.