Entp infp relationship. There are good days when the LEDs will light up, and it would feel like you're in a field of fireflies, protecting you and giving you warmth.

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The INFP will often display their reactions to their feelings, rather than their feelings, and may bottle things up which then leak out at strange moments thus adding to the 'difficult to understand' image.

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The partner that has to be constantly responsible for the everyday maintenance may feel resentment or unfulfilled.

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Knowing the real drivers, motivations and aspirations of an ENTP, and their unique strengths, helps you see how they will fit into your team.

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Introverted Sensing Si Remember the rules.

Biggest "mental" comparability issues.

Their tertiary Si and even inferior Te when developedcan also present a good balance to grounding an ENTP while not making them feel quite so restricted as jenna marbles stripping other types might.

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Discuss your insights — Your insights tend to be more pragmatic.

They dislike routine and need meaning to be part of something special, and they will be loyal and diligent and productive.