Difficulty urinating after sex. Lewicky Gaupp.

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The ideal way to avoid sexually related UTIs is to urinate right before and after intercourse.

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The end result is that it can hurt to pee immediately and for a few days after intercourse.

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It's not only a good idea to pee after having sexit's a great idea.

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Lots of factors come into play as to how bacteria gets in places where it doesn't belong.

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And, though it may be uncomfortable, it's also a good idea to let your health care provider know the type of sex you're having and what kinds of sexual health tools i.

Other non-infectious causes of dysuria may result from changing the condoms, lubricant, spermicide, or soap you use, or it may also be an allergic reaction or sensitivity to the ingredients in these products.

Burning, you mentioned that this sensation usually follows intercourse — it may also be possible that the type of sex you're has contributed to the source of your pain.

I prioritize my urinary health over cuddling too long after sex — but sometimes, when I head to the bathroom and sit down to pee, nothing comes out.