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Dating someone that doesnt want to get married. We talked about having kids and he bought us a puppy for Christmas.

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I left my 4 year relationship for the very same reason and now happily engaged after dating someone new for 6 months.

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Those argument fall flat because regardless of them the fact remains that being married was a torture for many years.

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Charlene, hi I had to let my boyfriend go after 2 years.

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He has called me his wife for over a year and intermittently says things like we should be married by now and he wishes I was his wife.

Since we get into case studies here.

Agreed, I relate to what you said jlynn, I am concerned about 30 years down the road as well.

I tried explaining to him that at least if we are married if something were to happen the other would get social security for their spouse in the event of a death.

Why do I have to be the one to make a compromise for his comfort.