Damsel indistress. She is portrayed as rather asexual and usually a foil for the assertive but dangerously seductive femme fatale.

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The hero Perseus slew the beast, saving Andromeda.

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And she wasn't exactly what one would call grateful when she did get the rescue, either.

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In the film's climax it is Adler who saves the British Empiredismantling at the last moment a device set to poison the entire membership of Parliament.

Snow White falls into an enchanted sleep after taking a bite from an apple given by the disguised Queen and is awoken with True Love's Kiss.

Gibson of GameSpy called Daphne "the epitome" as an example of the trope.

Circassian Mythology:

In the early days, Diana is often seen bound and gagged in her comics thanks to her creator being a bondage fetish but this subverted as she's the one who breaks herself free which, which was incidentally at the time an allegory for the slavery of Africans.

According to the philosopher Schopenhauer:.