Cost to remove stitches. Removing stitches is one thing, but can they actually perform medical or surgical stuff, or prescribe?

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I second the scissors and tweezers comment.

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Is there anything I should keep in mind?

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Where are the Outlet malls?

I'll buy my own needles and be ready for next time.

I think the idea of calling a CVS clinic is a good one.

Another will charge only if they were not the ones placing the sutures.

If the cat needed surgery mobile yoga pants porn will need to do blood test, if they suspected a broken bone they will take X-rays, if they thought the cat has internal bleeding he will need an ultrasound to assess any internal damage and that is expensive too.

Do I need to prebook days beforehand?

I'm sure if you indicate where exactly in SF you are staying a local with up-to date knowledge of a good urgent care can help out.

Originally Posted by magichappens Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions and recommendations!

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