Contracting orgasm moves. When you nude girl garden insert your index and middle fingers into your vagina and curl or hook them towards your clit, you will discover that this area feels different than your vaginal walls.

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There will be strong contractions of the whole pelvic floor, pc muscles and vaginal muscles.

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The experience of pleasure is deep and profound, but in the same time, the cervical orgasm is perceived and appreciated as an experience that is beyond bodily pleasure, and is often perceived beyond the physical body.

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I prefer to call it the "Goddess spot" or the "Good spot".

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Some people doubt the existence of female ejaculation, but from ancient Greek writings to the Hindu Kama Sutra to 16th-century Japanese art-work, female ejaculation has been described and honored.

Let's change that.

Involuntary spasm of the muscles around the vagina, usually caused by anxiety, can result in vaginismus.

Female sensual receptors.

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I can feel them without a toy, though.