Causes de l hyper sexualisation. Fairfax Media.

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Sext Up Kids Maureen Palmer, Dream Street Pictures, A film arguing that our hypersexualized culture hurts children and the pressure to be sexy is changing teen and sexual behavior in alarming ways.

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Proposes that current strategies to counter hypersexualization repress girls, and arise out of a conservative agenda to keep girls in their place.

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Soft porn images now abound and seem normal in pop culture aimed at teens and tweens.

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Along with a deflated sense of self-worth, these stereotypes can also influence Black girls--notably poor ones--that their sense of worth and an escape from poverty can be found through their sexualization.

For girls and young women in particular, the APA reports that studies have found that sexualization has a negative impact on their " self-image and healthy development".

Latina characters that embody the hot Latina stereotype in film and television is marked by easily identifiable behavioral characteristics aged nude women as "'addictively romantic, sensual, sexual and even exotically dangerous', [30] self-sacrificing, dependent, powerless, sexually naive, childlike, pampered, and irresponsible".

However other factors, such as how often mothers talked to their children about stone naked is going on in television shows and maternal religiosity, reduced those odds.

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