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Cancer woman and gemini man dating. The attraction is there, the love is there, the intellect is there.

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Unfortunately, things never went any further than friends but I am glad to have known him.

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When there is an argument I know how to win his heart back.

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It would appear that our relationship drove into a manic state that turned into a deep depression that he could not get out of.

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I am currently in a relationship with a Gemini, he is four years older than I, and we have been together more than two years.

I still want to remain friends and still be able to talk.

When can this cancer girl win some love?

So my feelings for her started declining.

We have also made thing extremely difficult for one another at times.

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All i say is he doesnt get me, and he doesnt get im trusting my inner gut feeling that hes not naruto girls nude one.

I hope one day he will be the man who will totally help me forget my painfull past… Like 0.