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Furious, Sharp locked Ivy in a biological containment unit and arranged for her to be one of the first criminals that was sent to Arkham City which was intercepted by Catwoman who then freed her.

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Ivy attacked Catwoman with the hypnotized thugs and heat-seeking spores, which she had prepared for months to rid Arkham of "flesh-sacks" and replace them with spores; despite Catwoman explaining that she "just wants to talk".

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Arkham Knight In the Batman:

After Ivy's corpse disintegrated, the plants that she used, cleansed Gotham of all the toxin.

Arkham series, characters will appear and taunt the player in a game over scene whenever they fail a mission.

After Batman dealt with the Cloudburst and the Knight, Batman headed back to the gardens once more to check on Ivy.

She developed a variety of powers including pheromone seduction, plant manipulation, and mind control, as well as various toxic based abilities.

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From Youtube.

After the Joker's defeat, Ivy was taken back to her cell by the Arkham Staff.