Baby boy sex scene celebkings. I realize that as teenagers we have-not-yet fully developed impulse control.

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Seniors tiny nipple teens had to struggle through the far-away Sophomore Lot Horizon Lot now, I suppose and the ever-crowded and hard-to-get-out-of South Lot, and the smoker-infested West Lot are now rewarded for their past parking woes by getting to share all of the parking lots with the other students!

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And the worst part is, neither are canceled yet.

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Sure they may have a cool Broadway software dating website based off them, but in most cases, kitties prove to be self-centered brats with claws.

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One woman in her sixties dies and 22 people are injured in double-decker bus tragedy:

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Finally there was Twilight, a new phenomenon that has completely destroyed the dark concept of vampires.

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The brilliant executives at the CW found a way to sell teens a TV show that were popular during their diaper days.