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She's just one of the many cat girls on her planet.

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She portrays a cat demon or in Japanese a bakeneko.

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Throughout the series, Mao seems to imply on her feelings for Souma.

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They are abundant in anime but of course, some of them stand out.

Converting into a cat form is somewhat a power up for them, usually allowing them to gain enhanced senses and strength.

Ai which is short for Aika plays the character of a well-known thief in Lost Precious.

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Wedding upskirts again, Ibaraki-douji plays the sake-loving and playful character, all smiles and grins, rarely seen sad or frowning.

Ibaraki wears her hair down most of the time; and adorned with cat ears and the split of hair color, red and black.

Nozomi lived at the Stray Cats, yet remaining quite mysterious, only revealing her name.