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But I write for the heart and not fake praises.

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The first is standard eight-year-old fare, suggestive of neither backwardness nor literary promise.

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Welcome To The Poet Sanctuary!

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Each poem and each quote is untimely.

But I want to stay, before that twilight stadium Where school sparrows flocked To foreground, four anime nud jet streams.

Acknowledging the past, establishing ideas of truth in the present and looking with hope and concern into the future his outlook is presented through obscured images of setting, cate blanchett nude pic commentary and everyday experience.

With this book, you can do JUST that.

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While finding my way through these odd high-school years, I write when I don't have anyone to talk to.

A world where the mediocre mixes with the brilliant, a world where virtual unknowns can share the stage with the worlds' greats.

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Wantage, NJ Poetry is my way of venting.