Amateur bowling handicap tournament. From left to Right:

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Once I'm comfortable bowling the tournaments of Level 4 and and ready for more of a challenge, whats the next step?

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Bowling Links Absolutely one of the largest list of great bowling sites anywhere.

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If it's not clear, avoid potential embarrassment and ask!

Try bowling eight games or more in practice, and if you are still throwing the ball well in the last one, you're probably up to the challenge.

Match play - Head-to-head elimination competition in successive rounds.

The next step would be competing with the best bowlers of your area in the intensity of a single-division scratch tournament, such as those run by the New England Bowlers Associationor SASBA in the South.

Is there any difference in the way these higher level tournaments are scored?

The best place to start would be one of the private tournaments offered in your area.

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Outside your comfort zone?

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