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The Likens sisters had no way of contacting other family members to inform them of their abuse.

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This is a very sad and heartbreakinng story.

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The murder charge against Gertrude Baniszewski's second-eldest daughter, year-old Stephanie, was dropped after she turned state's evidence against the other defendants.

Due to the severity of and increase in the brutality of the torture and mistreatment Sylvia was enduring, she gradually became incontinent.

Baniszewski's oldest daughter, Paula, who was pregnant at the time, kicked Sylvia in the genitals and accused her of being pregnant.

Baniszewski then switched her conversation topic to the "evils" of premarital sex before repeatedly kicking Sylvia in the genitals.

John Baniszewski Jr.

September 8, at 7:

Her daughter Paula, who had given birth to a daughter named Gertrude during the hillary duff fappening, was convicted of second-degree murder and also given a life term.

I hope that whole family rots in hell badly!!!